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We are experts in detection and  investigations and specialize in investigating simple to complex cases, with an related emphasis in building collaboration and a winning strategy. We provide a proven and safe method for obtaining records. Our office is able to conduct record searches from our office. Records available include:


- National/ County/ State Criminal

  History Check​​​

- County/State Civil History Check​

- Federal/State Penitentiary Search​

- Federal Civil/Criminal/Bankruptcy​

- Workers’ Compensation Search​

- Driver’s License History​

- License Plate Registration​

- Voter Registration Search​

- Education Verification​

- Boat Ownership Search​

- Aircraft Ownership Search​

- Liens & Judgments​

- Lawsuit Search​

- Corporate Ownership​

- Assumed Name Records

- Assumed Name Records​

- Maiden Names​

- Resolve Address to Phone Number​

- Resolve Phone Number to Address​

- Cell phone/Landline Phone Locate​

- Credit Reports with Authorization​

- Wants and Warrants

- Pre-Employment Screening​

- Employment Locate​

- Asset Location (GLB Compliant)​

- Offshore Assets​

- Corporate Protection​

- Security and Surveillance Equipment​

- Social Security Number Verification​​

- Real Estate Ownership

We have access to numerous proprietary "non-public" databases containing billions of personal and business records to assure you receive the most accurate .



Identity Theft Prevention Experts

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